Fully Funded Scholarship

Fully Funded Scholarship Includes

Fully funded scholarships are offered by universities to exceptional students, providing comprehensive financial support for their education in Saudi Arabia. These scholarships cover tuition fees and may also include additional benefits such as healthcare coverage, accommodation, and allowances. With a fully funded scholarship, students can fully focus on their studies without worrying about the financial burden, creating opportunities for academic excellence and personal growth.

Advantages of Fully Funded Scholarships:

Comprehensive healthcare coverage for the student and their accompanying family members, ensuring their well-being throughout their stay.
Arrival bonus equivalent to two months' salary, easing the financial burden upon arrival.
Graduation allowance equivalent to a three-month stipend, facilitating the shipping of academic books and materials.
Exemption from tuition fees, relieving the student of the financial burden of education.
Access to subsidized meals at educational institutions, ensuring affordable and nutritious food options.
Provision of suitable accommodation and comprehensive support in academic, social, cultural, and training aspects.
Enriching scholars' cultural acumen, the scholarship includes a complimentary year of Arabic lessons, fostering cross-cultural understanding and effective communication.
Complimentary airline ticket upon acceptance of the scholarship and at the end of each academic year, following specified guidelines.
Please be informed that exceptional students may be eligible for additional allowances and compensations, which vary based on the universities and departments. Kindly refer to your approved university scholarship details for specific information on the benefit structure and associated perks.
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